Februarmorgen (Selbstporträt), Bleistiftzeichnung, 1900

Lauschen, Bleistiftzeichnung, Jahr?

born 1878 in Riga, died 1964 in Berlin. Academy of Arts in Riga, teaching degree In St. Petersburg. 1896 -1901 painting studies in Paris and graphic arts studles in Munich. Return to Riga, lecturlng tutor at the Academy of Arts (head of portrait class). 1902 marriage with Bernhard C. C. Borchert; two sons, Bernhard Wilhelm becomes an artist. 1945 escape from Riga. Lived in Berlin and Allgäu; worked as portrait painter.

Timeless modern. Her drawlngs and paintings show that she was very well informed of new art trends and techniques and also inspired through the contact with other artists. And jet she had reached a classical style beyond all fashions which was the secret of her success, especially in portrait painting.

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